Are You Running The City to Bay? Time To Check Your Shoes…

Are You Running The City to Bay? Time To Check Your Shoes…

Our Sports Physiotherapist Andrew Darcey talks with Sports Podiatrist Chris Bishop about footwear and the upcoming City to Bay Fun Run.

How Do You Know If You Need A New Pair Of Shoes?

We all know that footwear is important when running, but when running 12km in the City to Bay – it becomes more apparent.

If you have been training hard for the event (and we hope you have been) then you may find that there has been some wear and tear on your shoes.

The things that Chris suggests we look for when assessing the wear on our shoes is:

  • Look at the wear on the sole – have you lost some of the rubber and losing grip/traction?
  • How do the shoes feel – when shoes start to wear in the mid-sole the ground starts to feel harder

What Do You Look For In A New Pair Of Shoes?

If you decide to purchase a new pair of shoes, the important things to consider are:

  • Correct fit – head to a good sports/running store and have your shoes professionally fitted
  • Lacing system – check to see if there are second eyelets at the top of the laces to ensure a snug fit in the shoe
  • Heel counter – ensure the shoe has a sturdy heel counter to control the movement of the shoe around the foot
  • Dual density mid-sole – if you tend to over-pronate, a dual density (or motion control) mid sole will help reduce the pressure that builds up on the inside of the shoe
  • Flex grooves – to allow the shoe to bend at the big toe properly, look to see that there are well positioned grooves in the sole of the shoe

How Long Before The City to Bay Do You Need To Buy Your Shoes?

You should allow at least two weeks of wear between buying new shoes and using them in a run such as the City to Bay, to ensure that your shoes are comfortable for the event and to reduce the chance of blisters forming.

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