Kick Start Your Fitness

Kick Start Your Health!

Kick Start

6 Week Fitness and Weight loss Program

Why should you exercise with a Physiotherapist?

physiotherapyIt is helpful to start a new exercise program with a Physiotherapist if you have an injury or musculoskeletal condition. ie. arthritic knee, neck pain, shoulder bursitis.

We know that musculoskeletal injuries can present a barrier to exercising. We understand it can be very discouraging when starting a new exercise program and injuries flare up, stopping you from progressing.


Physiotherapists are qualified to assess and diagnose your injuries and musculoskeletal conditions. With this important information we can better plan your fitness program including rehabilitation specific to your problem areas.

How can “Kick Start” help you?

  • Plan an exercise program to help you achieve your goals.
  • Start you on your exercise program.
  • Teach you how to start weight training.
  • Assess and start rehabilitation of your injuries (as appropriate).
  • Assist with nutritional education.
  • Help you to have fun working out.
  • Encourage you to start a healthy lifestyle.
  • Provide encouragement, motivation and keep you accountable.
  • Provide Physiotherapy treatment as needed.
  • Refer you on to a Doctor, dietitian, Incontinence and Women’s Health Physiotherapist as necessary.

How do we “Kick Start”?

We start by getting to know you and finding out about your health and fitness goals.

You will complete a pre- exercise questionnaire. Depending on your responses your may be advised to see a Doctor prior to beginning your exercise program.

ScalesWe will then book you in for a Physiotherapy Fitness Assessment to discuss your goals and your pre- exercise questionnaire. We will assess any injuries as required (this may require an additional appointment).

Base line fitness measurements will be taken which we will monitor during the program to help you improve. You will be receive a home exercise program and weekly eating diary.

We will then book you into our Kick start exercise classes or for individual sessions for 6 weeks.

It is encouraged to attend a weekly 15 min appointment to reassess your fitness measurements, check your food diary and progress your home exercise program.

You will also attend our twice weekly circuit exercise classes (held outdoors during daylight saving) which provide a challenging, but fun, mix of cardiovascular exercise and strength training.

If preferred you may attend individual exercise sessions with your Physiotherapist at a convenient time.

Kick Start Circuit Class Times

Mondays 6-6.45pm Thursdays 6-6.45pm Please contact us for start dates.

Your Physiotherapists

Lauren Rodato

Lauren Rodato

Lauren Rodato is a dual qualified Physiotherapist and Personal trainer. She has a special interest in Boxercise and Pilates and has found these forms of exercise beneficial for improving her basketball fitness.

Sam Sverdloff

Sam Sverdloff

Sam Sverdloff is a dual qualified Physiotherapist and Personal trainer. He has a special interest in gym work, weight training and metabolic rates.

Sally Trotter

Sally Trotter

Sally Trotter is a dual qualified Physiotherapist and Personal trainer. She has a special interest in Pilates, antenatal exercise, and introducing beginners to exercise. As a mother of three she understands the challenges busy parents experience whilst attempting to exercise and lose weight!


Please phone or email for enquiries & bookings. Limited places available.

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