3D Gait Analysis

3D Gait Analysis

At Leading Edge, understanding how our patients move is the foundation of everything we do.

3D Gait AnalysisThrough our partnership with The Biomechanics Lab, we are extremely proud to Adelaide’s only private 3-dimensional (3D) biomechanical analysis, clinical gait and performance analysis facility. We provide gait analysis services as part of a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan which complements our physiotherapy and podiatry treatments.

Gait analysis is the science of analysing how humans move, whether than be walking, running or sports-specific movements. At Leading Edge, we have the most advanced systems in the world to analyse the way your body moves in 3D, the forces acting on it and how your muscles function to allow movement to enable you to function at your very best and most optimal form.

Why Would I Get A 3D Gait Assessment?

The goal of biomechanical analysis is to identify the primary cause of injury or weakness in the body.

In many cases, most clinicians (be they podiatrist or physio) perform some form of analysis on the way you walk or move in the activity you are having trouble with. However, most clinical assessments are performed either visually or using a 2-dimensional (2D) approach (i.e. a single video camera) which are open to opinion on what is being seen and plagued by errors in terms of accuracy. These errors mean that often subtle abnormalities that can lead to injury remain undetected.

In our Biomechanics Lab, we use our technology to analyse how each of our patients move in real-time. This provides us with very accurate measurements of human movement in regards to how each joint of the body moves and the forces acting on it during walking, running and jumping. We also use 3D gait analysis in the rehabilitation from major injury and surgery, as well as in the study of sports biomechanics in order to:

  • Run more efficiently and with fewer injuries.
  • Optimise the setup of a bike to ensure maximum power can be generated through the pedal.
  • Detect subtle asymmetries during a rowing ergo that could lead to rib and low back injuries.
  • Generate more power during the golf swing with lower risk of injury.

The technology allows Leading Edge to provide an objective and scientific service, which delivers an effective and evidence-based program that is tailored specifically to the individual.

What will a 3D gait analysis tell me that a standard therapist or consult can’t?

Patients who present to our clinic with injury often present with a number of movement faults as a result of different body parts trying to compensate for a primary injury.

It is only when the cause of the problem has been identified and treated, that such compensatory actions can be resolved and a patient can return to pre-injury activity levels.

The reality about standard gait assessments is that the human eye cannot observe, process and interpret all of the complex movements of the human body. It is therefore extremely difficult, even for a trained and experienced clinician, to accurately diagnose which joints are the key reason for the injury.

By undergoing a 3D gait analysis, we can tell our patients how each of their joints in the body moves in three dimensions, whether their muscles are strong enough to allow pain free movement and how much force is acting on their body.

All of this data is then compiled into an individual report, with our thoughts as to why you are deviating from your normal movement pattern and experiencing pain, and we can then provide recommendations as to what you can do to help yourself rehabilitate and get back moving pain free.

Clinicians can then use this information to optimise the assessment of the injury and ultimately, successfully treat the injury.


I Need A 3D Gait Analysis – What Is My Next Step?

Your next step is to book your assessment with Dr Chris Bishop, our Leading Edge Podiatrist and Director of the Clinical Gait Analysis service. You can call one of our clinics on (08) 8364 6800 or (08) 8159 1300 to book an appointment with Chris and specifically mention that you are after a Biomechanical Analysis in Adelaide so we can book you in at an appropriate time.

If you are not sure if you need an assessment, you can ENTER YOUR DETAILS HERE and one of our podiatrists or physios will give you a call back to discuss your problem and work out the next step in your recovery.

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