Core Strengthening

Core Strengthening

core-strengthening-shutterstockCore Strength (or Stabilisation) determines your body’s ability to dynamically control and support your spine via deep and specific muscles.

Your spine is an inherently unstable area. When you think about it, your lower back has five vertebrae that sit like a pile of boxes on top of each other and then on top of a triangular bone called the sacrum, which itself wedges itself into the pelvis.

These vertebrae cal move in all directions, allowing us to twist, bend and arch our backs.

Without constant muscular support or your core stabilisers, your spine would fall in a heap on the ground!

What Is My Core?

core-strengtheningYour Core is essentially a word used to describe the muscles that support and move your spine.  These include your abdominal muscles (deep and superficial layers) and the gluteal (hip) muscles.

Your deep core muscles are the main structures that support, control and move your lower spine and pelvis. They are also the most energy efficient and ideally located muscles to do the job consistently, for 24 hours a day.

When you suffer any form of back pain, research has shown us that your deep core stability muscles automatically turn off! And they do not suddenly “turn back on” when your pain settles – they remain “off”, leaving you vulnerable to a repeat of your back injury.  However, what research also shows us is that you can reactivate these muscles via specific retraining guided by a physiotherapist.

How Do I Know If My Core Is Working Properly?

At Leading Edge Physical Therapy, we have a structured system to test your core stability. It is part of our core strengthening program.

Your Leading Edge Physiotherapist has undertaken training in how to assess core stability and will test you out, in all directions and give you feedback on areas that may need work.

A service that we also offer is the chance to see your muscles work, from the inside, in real-time, using real-time ultrasound training.  This is the most effective technique for the testing of your core stability muscles and all of our Physios are trained in its use.

I Think I Need To Work On My Core – What Should I Do Right Now?

All our Physiotherapists at Leading Edge Physical Therapy are qualified and trained to assess your Core Strength and provide remedial Core Strengthening Programs if required.

You can BOOK ONLINE now, or call one of our clinics on (08) 8364 6800 or (08) 8159 1300 to book an appointment.

If you are not sure if you need an assessment, you can ENTER YOUR DETAILS HERE and one of our physios will give you a call back to discuss your problem and work out the next step in your recovery.

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