massageTraditionally viewed as a pampering session, massage therapy is often under-rated as a form of treatment.

It is fast becoming viewed by many as a necessity for optimal health and performance.

Whether you’re looking for enhanced sporting performance, pain relief from debilitating headaches, or simply want to unwind and relax, a massage at Leading Edge Physical Therapy may be the solution for you.

Our Massage Therapists combine great hands-on feel with a high standard of knowledge and experience to ensure top quality personalised massage treatment.

Why Is A Leading Edge Massage Different?

At Leading Edge, when you pay for an hour’s massage, you get one hour – on the treatment bed. That’s our Adelaide massage therapy.

That is, we book extra time to allow you to speak to our massage therapists about your needs, and you are not rushed at the end of your massage to get dressed – so you can enjoy your experience!

No-one else in Adelaide offers you this luxury – and you deserve it.

Why Should I Have A Massage?

Massage Therapy provides multiple benefits to the overall function of the body. Some of these include:

  • Pain relief from soft tissue injuries and conditions, eg – headaches, neck & back pain
  • Improved soft tissue & joint function
  • Improved postural & movement awareness
  • Reduced stiffness & efficiency of movement
  • Injury management & prevention
  • Enhanced post-exercise recovery
  • Stress relief and anxiety management
  • Enhanced tissue nutrition and detoxification via increased blood & lymph circulation

What Types Of Massage Do You Offer?

If you need to work out some of those tired or sore spots, a Leading Edge massage can help.  You may be tight from sitting at work all day, sore from your morning run, stiff from working in the garden all weekend, or in need of some stress relief and relaxation.  Your team of experienced massage therapists will make sure you get back on track quickly. They provide:

Remedial Massage/Soft Tissue Therapy (STT)

This involves the use of various hands-on techniques such as Trigger Point Therapy & Myofascial Release. This may incorporate techniques such as active and passive movement and assisted stretching.

Sports Massage

Our Massage Therapists use remedial techniques in a sport specific setting to assist sports performance and enhance recovery.

Therapeutic Massage

Incorporates various techniques designed to relax, de-stress and release soft tissue tension. Great for stress and anxiety management, and to assist general well-being.

Lymphatic drainage (MLD)

This is a gentle superficial technique which involves using direction specific massage to increase lymphatic flow and therefore enhance detoxification. MLD is great for reducing swelling during the acute injury phase and can reduce congestion/swelling post surgery or after removal of lymph nodes. Therapeutic and remedial massage will also tend to enhance lymphatic drainage to some degree.

Pregnancy massage

Our therapists are experienced in working with pregnant women to provide relief from the pain, discomfort and fluid congestion which is so commonly experienced during pregnancy.

Can I Claim On My Private Health Fund?

For Remedial Massage Treatment within the clinic, Leading Edge is able to process health fund claims electronically through the HICAPS system.

Please note that not all health funds are currently listed on the HICAPS system for Remedial Massage, and you will need to check if your personal extras cover extends to remedial massage.

I Want To Have A Massage – What Do I Need To Do Right Now?

If you would like a Massage, please call one of our clinics on (08) 8364 6800 or (08) 8159 1300 and speak to our friendly Reception Team which Therapists about how they can help you find an appropriate appointment time.

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