What is Physiotherapy?

physiotherapyIn simple terms, physiotherapists are specialists in knowing the mechanics of the human body.

Physiotherapist are university trained medical professionals who uses natural physical approaches to promote, maintain and restore your well-being so that you can perform and enjoy your chosen sport, work or everyday activities.

Their university training includes a thorough study of the human body, particularly the muscle and joint system. It involves studying anatomy, neuroanatomy, physiology, psychology, medical conditions, musculoskeletal conditions, exercise prescription and electrotherapy.

Physiotherapy is a science-based methodology that is constantly evolving as new research discovers better ways to treat your body.  There is no guess work or “hocus pocus” that you get with many allied health professions.

Your Leading Edge Physiotherapist will use their expert knowledge of the human body and highly specialised skills to help restore your aching, stiff and dysfunctional muscles and joints back to health.

Leading Edge Physical Therapy has a team of Physiotherapists in Adelaide who specialise in the provision of high quality physiotherapy for your body. If you’re in pain or have suffered an injury, then Leading Edge Physical Therapy can help you.

All of our physiotherapists are university qualified (with many having Masters degrees), and are Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) members.

At Leading Edge Physical Therapy, we will :

  • Thoroughly and carefully assess you
  • Explain your problem in detail
  • Fix you as quickly as possible
  • Show you how to stay pain free for longer.

After all, we want you to enjoy life again as soon as possible!

We offer you same day physiotherapy appointments if you’re in pain.

Private Health Insurance Rebates for Physiotherapy

Private health insurance rebates are available for all of our physiotherapists.

Hicaps instant claims are available. You may also be eligible for sports insurance coverage. Please check with your club officials.

X-Rays, Ultrasound Scans & MRI’s

If needed, your physiotherapist can directly refer you for X-rays and use our network of Sports Physicians and GPs for Ultrasound Scans and MRI’s.  We can also provide sick day certificates for musculoskeletal injuries.

Specialist Referrals

If your physiotherapist feels that you may require surgery or another form of treatment, they’ll quickly refer you to our team of leading sports physicians, surgeons, radiologists and other health professionals that we have developed an excellent working partnership with for 15+ years. Your physiotherapist’s aim is to return you to the sporting field, work or play as soon as possible.

Your Physiotherapy Enquiries

If you are not sure if you need an assessment, you can ENTER YOUR DETAILS HERE and one of our physios will give you a call back to discuss your problem and work out the next step in your recovery.  Our receptionists will be able to answer most of your queries. Plus, remember that your doctor’s referral is not necessary in most cases.  We’ll let you know if you need a referral.

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