My Shoulder Feels Like It’s Popping Out!

My Shoulder Feels Like It’s Popping Out! Shoulder Instability Having your shoulder popping out of it’s socket can be very painful! The shoulder’s anatomy, or it’s bony make-up, means that there is little to no structural stability provided by the bones themselves. There is a very small and flat socket that houses quite a large ball […]

Why Are There So Many Cricket Injuries?

Why Are Our Cricketers Always Injured? With the 2015 ICC World Cup in full swing, it seems that not a day goes by without some media report about an Australian (or for that matter any nation’s) player succumbing to a cricket injury that affects their involvement in the tournament. With the all-too-public hamstring injury to […]

Tennis Injuries

Tennis Injuries More than just “Tennis Elbow”… This time of year is all about Tennis – with the Australian Open and other lead-up events taking our attention as the world stars fill our TV screens in the evening. The gruelling conditions and the amazing amount of time the players spend on the court can lead […]

Golf Injuries

Golf Injuries Although many people think of golf as a relaxing hobby, golf injuries are frequently seen here in the physio clinic. Tiger Woods (arguably the best golfer in the history of the game) has had his fair share of injury woes; Achilles tendon, knees, back, neck and shoulder. Whilst he may be hitting the […]

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