The Leading Edge Difference

The Leading Edge Difference

If you are in pain, injured or require help with any muscle, joint or nerve problem, the good news is we can help.

The first thing to know about Leading Edge Physical Therapy is that we are different – genuinely different – and in a really good way.

The Leading Edge

What you are looking for

At Leading Edge Physical Therapy we combine some of the best, most experienced, hands-on physiotherapists with excellent massage therapists and podiatrists, and use them in combination to get the best result for you.

This means you will have 100% one-to-one attention from a great practitioner for the whole of your treatment session – every time!

Our treatment includes:  

  • A clear diagnosis
  • An understanding of why the problem occurred
  • A plan on how to fix the problem
  • Hands-on physiotherapy
  • Additional input from our either our experienced massage therapists or world-class podiatrist
  • Access to our strong network of sports physicians, GPs and orthopaedic surgeons

Say goodbye to poor service

Our promise is for you to have the best customer experience of any medical practice that you have ever been to.

At our Rose Park and Henley Beach clinics, you are not left on a machine while your therapist sees someone else.

You don’t get short, rushed consultations because your therapist has overbooked.

At Leading Edge, you are in expert hands.

How you will stand to benefit as a patient

Pain-free movement is a very valuable attribute – that we often take for granted.  When injury or accidents combine to affect your ability to move, you quickly realise what you have lost.

By receiving a clear diagnosis, being educated on why your problem has occurred and receiving a plan on how to fix your problem, you will be quickly put on the path to better movement.

Common benefits as reported by previous patients include:

  • Relieving back pain and implementing core exercises to prevent it recurring
  • Managing a sprained ankle and teaching taping techniques to return to sport
  • Rehabilitating a shoulder after rotator cuff surgery and guiding the patient back to playing golf
  • Analysing rowing technique and providing feedback on areas to improve performance
  • Providing an accurate diagnosis of a patients’ groin pain and implementing a tailored rehab program to help them return to football pain free
  • Providing a structured hamstring rehabilitation program to overcome a recurring hamstring strain

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